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PA3400U-1BRS Battery 8800mAh TOSHIBA A100 PA3400U-1BRS Battery


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Brand NEW 10.80V 8800mAh Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS Battery FOR TOSHIBA Satellite A100, A105-S361 Series Laptop

Battery Type :  Li-ion
Voltage :  10.80V
Capacity :  8800mAh
Color :  Black
Dimension :  206.60 x 91.40 x 26.40 mm
Product Type :  Replacement Battery (Brand New)
Condition :  New, 1 year warranty!
Warranty :  One year warranty

Compatible Part Numbers:
PA3399U-1BAS, PA3399U-1BRS, PA3399U-2BAS, PA3399U-2BRS, PA3400U-1BAS, PA3400U-1BRL, PA3400U-1BRS, PA3478U-1BAS, PA3478U-1BRS, PABAS057, PABAS076, PABAS077

Fit Models:
    Toshiba VX/670LS

    Toshiba Dynabook CX Series
        Dynabook CX/45A, Dynabook CX/47A,
        Dynabook CX/875LS, Dynabook CX/855LS,
        Dynabook CX/955LS, Dynabook CX/975LS

    Toshiba Dynabook TX Series
        Dynabook TX/66A, Dynabook TX/67A,
        Dynabook TX/870LSFIFA, Dynabook TX/880LS,
        Dynabook TX/980LS

    Toshiba Dynabook VX Series
        Dynabook VX/4, Dynabook VX/5,
        Dynabook VX/780LS

    Toshiba Dynabook Sateillite Series
        Dynabook Satellite AW3

    Toshiba Equium Series
        Equium A100-027, Equium A100-147,
        Equium A100-306, Equium A100-337,
        Equium A100-338, Equium A110-233,
        Equium A110-252, Equium A110-276,
        Equium M50-164, Equium M50-216

    Toshiba Satellite A80 Series                   
        Satellite A80-116, Satellite A80-117,      
        Satellite A80-121, Satellite A80-122,      
        Satellite A80-129, Satellite A80-140,      
        Satellite A80-142, Satellite A80-144,      
        Satellite A80-154, Satellite A80-168,      
        Satellite A80-169 

    Toshiba Satellite A100 Series  (except Satellite A100-S2211D, Satellite A100-S3211D, Satellite A100-S8111TD )
        Satellite A100-151, Satellite A100-153,
        Satellite A100-163, Satellite A100-165,
        Satellite A100-169, Satellite A100-181,
        Satellite A100-188, Satellite A100-212,
        Satellite A100-225, Satellite A100-241,
        Satellite A100-274, Satellite A100-287,
        Satellite A100-290, Satellite A100-522,
        Satellite A100-523, Satellite A100-551,
        Satellite A100-583, Satellite A100-590,
        Satellite A100-661, Satellite A100-662,
        Satellite A100-688, Satellite A100-691,
        Satellite A100-692, Satellite A100-694,
        Satellite A100-717, Satellite A100-720,
        Satellite A100-756, Satellite A100-761,
        Satellite A100-ST1042, Satellite A100-ST8211, Satellite A100-033 
        Satellite A100-S8111TD (with Intel Core Solo or Intel Core Duo Processors only)
    Toshiba Satellite A105 Series (exceptSatellite A105-S101, Satellite A105-S101X,
    Satellite A105-S171, Satellite A105-S171x, Satellite A105-S271, Satellite A105-S271X,
    Satellite A105-S361, Satellite A105-S361X) 
        Satellite A105-S4001, Satellite A105-S4004,
        Satellite A105-S4012, Satellite A105-S4024,
        Satellite A105-S4034, Satellite A105-S4054,
        Satellite A105-S4064, Satellite A105-S4074,
        Satellite A105-S4084, Satellite A105-S4092,
        Satellite A105-S4094, Satellite A105-S4102,
        Satellite A105-S4114, Satellite A105-S4132,
        Satellite A105-S4134, Satellite A105-S4184,
        Satellite A105-S4244, Satellite A105-S4254,
        Satellite A105-S4274, Satellite A105-S4284,
        Satellite A105-S4324, Satellite A105-S4334,
        Satellite A105-S4342, Satellite A105-S4344,
        Satellite A105-S4364, Satellite A105-S4384,
        Satellite A105-S4397, Satellite A105-S4547
    Toshiba Satellite M40 Series ( except Satellite M40-S312TD )                  
        Satellite M40-102, Satellite M40-103,
        Satellite M40-129, Satellite M40-135,
        Satellite M40-136, Satellite M40-140,
        Satellite M40-149, Satellite M40-152,
        Satellite M40-154, Satellite M40-183,
        Satellite M40-192, Satellite M40-197,
        Satellite M40-221, Satellite M40-225,
        Satellite M40-236, Satellite M40-241,
        Satellite M40-243, Satellite M40-244,
        Satellite M40-245, Satellite M40-264,
        Satellite M40-265, Satellite M40-276,
        Satellite M40-300, Satellite M40-307,
        Satellite M40-313, Satellite M40-S331,
        Satellite M40-S351, Satellite M40-S3511,
        Satellite M40-S4111TD, Satellite M40-S4172TD,
        Satellite M40-S417TD                        
    Toshiba Satellite M45 Series ( except M45-S165, M45-S165X, M45-S169 & M45-S169X )               
        Satellite M45-S269, Satellite M45-S2691,   
        Satellite M45-S359, Satellite M45-S3591    
    Toshiba Satellite M50 Series (except Satellite M50-MX2)                 
        Satellite M50-04N01N, Satellite M50-0TG01D,
        Satellite M50-0TJ01E, Satellite M50-0YU01N,
        Satellite M50-105, Satellite M50-109,
        Satellite M50-122, Satellite M50-130
        Satellite M50-138, Satellite M50-141,
        Satellite M50-142, Satellite M50-143,
        Satellite M50-156, Satellite M50-157,
        Satellite M50-159, Satellite M50-161,
        Satellite M50-180, Satellite M50-181,
        Satellite M50-182, Satellite M50-198,
        Satellite M50-215, Satellite M50-226,
        Satellite M50-231, Satellite M50-S4182TD,
        Satellite M50-S418TD, Satellite M50-S5181TD,
        Satellite M50-S5181TQ                     
    Toshiba Satellite M55 Series ( except Satellite M55-S139 & M55-S139X )                 
        Satellite M55-S325, Satellite M55-S329,
        Satellite M55-S331, Satellite M55-S3251,
        Satellite M55-S3291, Satellite M55-S3311

    Toshiba Satellite M100 Series

    Toshiba Satellite M100-ST5000 Series
        Satellite M100-ST5211, Satellite M100-ST5111

    Toshiba Satellite M100 Series

    Toshiba Satellite M105 Series

    Toshiba Satellite M105-S3000 Series
        Satellite M105-S3001, Satellite M105-S3002,
        Satellite M105-S3004, Satellite M105-S3011,
        Satellite M105-S3012, Satellite M105-S3021,
        Satellite M105-S3031, Satellite M105-S3041,
        Satellite M105-S3064, Satellite M105-S3084

    Toshiba Satellite M115-S3000 Series
        Satellite M115-S3094, Satellite M115-S3104,
        Satellite M115-S3144, Satellite M115-S3154       

    Toshiba Satellite Pro Series
        Satellite Pro A100, Satellite Pro M50

    Toshiba Tecra A3 Series                        
        Tecra A3-100, Tecra A3-103,
        Tecra A3-106, Tecra A3-114,
        Tecra A3-141, Tecra A3-143,
        Tecra A3-180, Tecra A3-181,
        Tecra A3-188, Tecra A3-SP611                            
    Toshiba Tecra A4 Series                        
        Tecra A4-108, Tecra A4-109,
        Tecra A4-158, Tecra A4-161,
        Tecra A4-164, Tecra A4-171,
        Tecra A4-196, Tecra A4-212,
        Tecra A4-244, Tecra A4-257,
        Tecra A4-S312TD, Tecra A4-S313,
        Tecra A4-SP211            
    Toshiba Tecra A5 Series                        
        Tecra A5-122, Tecra A5-138,                
        Tecra A5-155, Tecra A5-S116,               
        Tecra A5-S416, Tecra A5-S516,              
        Tecra A5-S6215TD                           
    Toshiba Tecra A6 Series                        
        Tecra A6-104, Tecra A6-S513,
        Tecra A6-EZ6311, Tecra A6-EZ6312,
        Tecra A6-ST3112, Tecra A6-ST3512,
        Tecra A6-ST6315
    Toshiba Tecra A7 Series                        
        Tecra A7-S612, Tecra A7-S712,              
        Tecra A7-ST5112, Tecra A7-ST7711                            
    Toshiba Tecra S2 Series                        
        Tecra S2-107, Tecra S2-128,                
        Tecra S2-131, Tecra S2-155,                
        Tecra S2-159, Tecra S2-175

We sell brand new replacement/compatible Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS batteries that are manufactured to meet or exceed the specifications of the original brand manufacturer.

Please ensure the product(s) that you are going to buy fits the brand, model and part number of your device.

Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS Battery Warranty:

* 100% Brand new and Low Price!!!
* 100% High quality generic Toshiba PA3400U-1BRS Battery Pack.
* 100% original manufacturer compatible or Exceed Original Specifications.

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